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VINYL SIDING: Bold | Rugged | One of a Kind

At Wadden Construction we feature Everlast and Norandex Sagebrush super premium vinyl siding for hail damage repair of metal siding. It’s the best siding on the market

Its time to cut one out of the herd

All vinyl siding is alike. Right? Maybe there’s a shade or two of difference here and there. Maybe you like one simulated wood-grain pattern better than another. It could even be that you find one warranty that’s a bit stronger than the next. But, basically, vinyl is vinyl. Year after year, siding manufacturers come up with more and more “me too” vinyl sidings. They look alike. They perform alike. Line them all up in a row and it’s difficult to tell one manufacturer’s panel from the other. Until now.

A new Brand of Vinyl Siding

Now there’s a different kind of siding panel that’s so new, so distinctive, most people will never look at vinyl the same way again. It’s stronger. Tough against the elements. Goes up on your home and faster and straighter than any other vinyl siding on the market. And it features bold new colors and a 20-year Fade Protection Warranty that would make most vinyl manufacturers run for the hills.


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